Holistic HealthQuintessential Applications (QA) Protocol

Why is QA protocol so effective for every patient?

Instead of attempting to solve each medical condition one has, the QA protocol encompasses all aspects of one’s health, starting from the fundamental need to reduce nociception (pain, broadly speaking) and the myriad of neurological and physiological manifestations.

The following group of health challenges form the majority of the diagnosable medical conditions we see today.

  • Pain and Injuries (Acute & Chronic)
  • Inflammatory Processes
  • Fatigue
  • Joint Health
  • TMJ and Cranial Faults
  • Energy Production
  • Endocrine Function (Hypo and/or Hyper)
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Blood Sugar Handling
  • Gastrointestinal Tract Dysfunction
  • Emotional Stress & Mental Health
  • Persistent Muscle Imbalances
  • Pelvis, Spinal and Extremity Subluxations
  • Persistent Pain

Dr. Benjamin Tan

Currently, Dr. Benjamin is currently undergoing postgraduate training in Advanced Applied Kinesiology using the Quintessential Applications (QA) protocol. 

Upon completion of this rigorous program, Dr. Benjamin will achieve Board Certification as a Diplomate of the International Board-Certified Applied Kinesiologists (DIBAK).

Here is the Logic Behind the QA Physiologically-based Though Process:

  • Since all systems: immune, endocrine, gut, muscular, etc. are adversely impacted by nociception…
    shouldn’t we address nociceptive activity prior to addressing any other system or local problem?

  • Since the immune system is impacted by cytokines arising from the GI tract…
    shouldn’t we address GI tract irritants (allergens, bad fats) prior to addressing systemic immune function?

  • Since cortisol inhibits the immune system…
    shouldn’t we address low immune system function prior to improving adrenal activity?

  • Since the citric acid cycle (CAC) is inhibited by immune system activity…
    shouldn’t we address immune system function prior to adding B vitamins & manganese to improve activity in the CAC?

  • Since the adrenal glands mobilize glucose for ATP production…
    shouldn’t we address the CAC prior to treating the adrenals?
  • Since all visceral & biochemical imbalances are reflected in & create muscle imbalances…
    shouldn’t we address these systemic issues prior to making musculoskeletal and spinal adjustments?

The answer to all of these questions is YES YES YES!

QA considers hundreds of similar physiological principles and focuses the physicians’ attention on efficiently achieving the desired clinical outcome.

If you have any of the health conditions listed above, the QA protocol addresses it in an orderly, physiologically based manner.

QA application is like entering the forest of the patient’s symptoms with a map. More often than not, this map leads the practitioner, and patient, toward a rewarding outcome.

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