All Can Be Healed

Discover YOUR unique root cause(s). We intentionally take time to listen, and explore EVERY root cause(s) there is to your pain and disease.

Be Honored.

You were created by God and you are valuable. You deserve to be honored.

Be Heard.

One of the most important steps toward healing is to make your needs known.

Be Healed.

You were not created to be sick. You can experience healing and freedom.

You were not created to be sick.

Over time, when you tolerate poor health, your body naturally starts to make compensations for the root cause(s) of the problem.

Your health starts to go on a downward spiral thereafter.

Many of our patients come to us after years of searching for relief from pain. Unlike common medical practices, we get to the root cause of your issues, so you can finally experience health... and freedom.

Be honored. Be heard. Be healed.

Dr Ben’s high standards and successful practice is incredibly consistent. My back pain is improving, as is my health as a result. Thank you. FULL recommendation.

– Jonty Tan

Your journey to health is important. We've made it simple to get started.


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Dr. Benjamin Tan

Dr. Ben uses a multi-faceted approach to help people get the freedom they deserve. He specializes in Full-spine Gonstead Chiropractic as well as Advanced Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Ben’s approach allows him to understand what comes first, next, and last for every patient who walks into the office.

Every patient is different, hence their pathway to freedom is unique.

Dr. Ben is super detailed in his explanations. He not only listen to what your issues are, but he studies them to correct you properly… He is absolutely personable and caring in ensuring you’re comfortable in every session.

– Thaya Than Tun

Generational Health

When you are not living the healthy life you were designed to live, you are not the only one who suffers.

Think about it. Your health has a direct and immediate impact on your family.

Restoring health to your mind, body and soul will bring freedom and peace to you, your family, and your future generations.

At CHIROGENESIS, we use proven chiropractic and applied kinesiology techniques to help you experience health and freedom for generations to come.


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Be Honored. Be Heard. Be Healed.